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Further Reading

Other Djinni Forks

There is a number of other forks of the original dropbox/djinni out there. Make sure to check them out:

Some features from the forks have already been migrated into this project, and we plan to continue to do so. Contributions with cool new features are always welcome!!! 😊

Videos / Articles

A curated list of articles and videos about Djinni:

  • Djinni in a bottle - Easily share code between iOS and Android using C++ by Stephan Jaetzold (2016)
  • CppCon 2017: Stephen Spann “Cross-Platform Apps with Dropbox’s Djinni...”
  • Cross-platform code sharing with C++ and Djinni [ @ grandcentrix] (Deutsch)

Integration Tools

While this documentation aims to provide all the information you need to get started with Djinni, there is still a long way to really using it in a real world development setup.

The following projects are trying to make the integration of Djinni into the software development process easier:

  • Ezored: A C++ multi-platform toolkit template that builds upon Djinni. It targets the platforms Linux, macOS, Windows, Android & iOS.
  • Djinni Library Template: A template for a Djinni library that comes with a CLI to build artifacts for each supported platform (XCFramework for iOS/macOS, AAR for Android, NuGet for .Net Core Windows, Conan for Linux).

Last update: October 23, 2021