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Developer Guide


This chapter is only of interest if you want to make changes to the code of the intellij plugin!

Development Basics


To build on your local machine, run the buildPlugin task

./gradlew buildPlugin


With the runIde task you can run the plugin in an isolated IDE and get logs about whats going on.


To install the plugin you just built locally, go to

Preferences > Plugins > Marketplace > > Install plugin from disk...

You can find the built plugin package under build/distributions/djinni-intellij-plugin-<version>.zip

Adjusting grammar

The grammar for .djinni files is defined in Backus–Naur form in Djinni.bnf

If you decide to make changes to this file, the following manual steps are required to apply them:

  • Djinni.bnf:
    • Right-Click > Generate Parser Code
    • Right-Click > Generate JFlex Lexer, in the file dialog click Save and Replace
  • _DjinniLexer.flex:
    • Right-Click > Run JFlex Generator

Release process

To release a new plugin version, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Create a new release on Github like described here. Set a tag version following semantic versioning rules (v<MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH>) and describe what has changed in the new version.
  2. Wait. Github will automatically build the plugin, publish it to the jetbrains marketplace & upload the plugin-artifact to the release.
  3. The update will be verified by Jetbrains within a few days. Then it will be distributed to the users.

Last update: April 25, 2021