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Integrate C++ code into
your Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Python or C# application!

Djinni is a tool for generating cross-language type declarations and interface bindings. It's designed to connect C++ with either Java, Objective-C, Python or C#.

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👏 Simple IDL

The Djinni Interface Definition Language provides a simple, yet powerful way to design your interfaces.

🔌 IDE Integration

Plugins for Djinni are available for IntelliJ IDEA & VS Code

🚀 Blurs the Line Between Languages

With Djinni you can implement interfaces in any target language and call the implementation from C++!

💥 Can Target any Operating System

Djinni comes with support for native app development on every popular OS:

Djinni architecture

🌎 Maintained by a Small, but Active Community

Djinni was originally developed by Dropbox in 2014.
Since June 2020 it is independently maintained by a small group of individuals from all over the globe.

Get in contact with us on the Mobile C++ Slack
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or share your ideas with us in our Github Discussion. 😊

Last update: October 23, 2023